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Smart Guys

Smart Guys

1. AmirAli Iranshahi
I am Amir Ali I am an English teacher,  writer and poet. CCNA and MCSE specialist. I am working on my M.A thesis in English teaching. I am planning to start my P.h.d  on educational phycology. I love team work and I love working on new ideas.


2. Sedigheh Hashemi
I am S. Sedighe Hashemi. I'm doing
my last year of PhD in Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology. I like balck holes, wormholes and how our universe was created and how it behaves. I would be glad If any body is interested in these fields for discussing!


3. Maliheh Shahidi
I am Malihe. I am a resident of Neurology; so I would be a specialist in diagnosis & treatment of neurologic disorders such as stroke, seizure, MS and so on near future. Also, I am interested in physics, philosophy and especially multidisciplinary sciences which point the art of thought unification are due to forming the true world.



Under Construction

4. Katy Massey




The Smart Guys team consist of an interdisciplinary group of individuals specializing in the research and development of social innovation in different fields. Our vision is unique and simple: To develop, design, create and enhance innovative ways to solve real-world problems. We believe in smartness of everyone. People are the treasure and everyone has a right to show their talent.


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